One of the best beach destinations in the world, Seychelles is the perfect spot for warmth and summer fun in fall. Looking for action-packed activities? Seychelles offers adventures such as diving, snorkeling, jungle and coastal walks, and boat excursions. Not to mention the beautiful marine parks and natural reserves open for a fascinating marine experience.

Luxor, Egypt
While Egypt’s summer heat can be quite unbearable, the weather in October is perfect. Catch up on some history of the tombs in the ancient city of Thebes or make a trip to the great Pyramids. Pamper yourself on a luxurious cruise through the Nile.

Now’s your chance to load up on color, culture, and curry! Besides offering some of the most delicious meals and spices in the world, India boasts one of the greatest cultural experiences you have yet to encounter. Bask in the architectural beauty of the Taj Mahal, visit the Buddhist caves of Ajanta, or shop the lively bazaars in Delhi for the ultimate cultural experience.

Fiji Islands
Nothing takes your breath away like watching a gorgeous waterfall. The ultimate honeymoon destinations, Fiji Islands offer privacy and a romantic vacation like no other. Looking to do more than just enjoy the waterfalls? You’ll find beautiful resorts, many places to shop, and an endless sense of relaxation. You can also visit the oldest native Fijian town, Viseisei Village, or the ancient therapy mud bath at the Sabeto's Outback. That’s something new to try!

Remember to pack your sunglasses and sunblock but be sure to leave your worries behind. The vacation isn’t over yet!