If Lebanon is particularly known for its summer season, it is very famous as well for its winter activities and especially skiing…With its snow-capped mountainous chain, Lebanon has become a magnificent destination for all skiers who can come and live an unforgettable experience from mid-December till the beginning of April.

The Land of the Cedars, with its 3038m summits, is an exceptional Middle Eastern country, because it is the only place where advanced skiing and various winter sports are available. Moreover, Lebanon is unique, for it offers to visitors very professional stations where they can find comfort, amusement, and security… 

The snow-capped mountainous chain in Lebanon is located between north and south and separates the coastline from the Bekaa valley. It includes six stations in service - Faraya Mzaar, the cedars, Laqlouq, Faqra Ski Resort, Qanat Bakiche, and Zaarour – in which slopes are suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. These stations are exclusive, due to their fine infrastructure and great international reputation (especially Faraya Mzaar). Moreover, visitors can spend a beautiful skiing day under the sun, then gather with friends around the chimney or even dance the night away in the most famous bars and clubs, due to the enchanting atmosphere offered by each station.

The skiing season in Lebanon lasts four months. It begins in mid-December and ends at the beginning of April. Therefore, it is up to you, dear skiers, to choose the Lebanese station you like the most among the ones we wished to make you discover.