Rent a boat and round up a few friends. There’s nothing like cruising the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with good company and great weather. Relax and enjoy the view and the cool salty breeze. Taking a boat trip may even be the perfect opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Studies show that boating actually relieves stress. Sail away and leave your troubles behind!

Scuba Diving
Dip more than just your toes in the water. Put on that tight scuba suit and get ready to dive deeper. Swim with the fish and enjoy the coral and vibrant life below sea level. It’s a breathtaking experience you’ll want to thank us for later.

Probably one of the more calming water sports, Kayaking lets you enjoy the water while staying dry. It’s best with a group considering you have to do the paddling. That way, others can take over when you’re exhausted. If you ask me, there’s no way I’d rather enjoy the Beirut sunset than in a kayak, comfortable at sea.

Water Skiing
Water skiing can be potentially dangerous if not done properly. Get ready and hold on tight because you’re in for one wild ride. Enjoy the wind in your hair and taste the freshness of the salty sea (alright so maybe I’m the only one who enjoys that). While holding on tightly and being dragged behind a speeding boat, you get the exciting feeling that you’re flying.

We hope you’re not afraid of heights because while parasailing, you can enjoy the sea from above while being towed behind a boat. Attached to a wing-like canopy that closely resembles a parachute, you get the once in a lifetime feeling that you’re flying above the city.

Some may prefer getting wet and wild while others would rather go on a cruise and enjoy the serenity of the sea. Either way, before saying goodbye to summer, you should make the most of the hot weather before it rains on your parade!