About us

MOOVTOO is a unique Lebanese touristic digital platform running on artificial intelligence. It gathers a community of users thriving to live authentic, fun and fulfilling touristic experiences. This project is imagined, designed and created by Proximity Agency, the Digital Marketing Solutions, part of NELCOM Group.

The platform features high value content (articles, photos, videos), sharing touristic experiences and inviting users to try them out.  The content is produced and delivered by MOOVTOO team, but also by the MOOVTOO community, since MOOVTOO members are invited to talk about and share the places they tried.

It is important to know that MOOVTOO today, in its Beta version website, is a small part of what it will become progressively, by early 2018. There is MOOVTOO now, and MOOVTOO…later on. Find out what we offer!


MOOVTOO is original in its authenticity and the experience we share with the community.

The content of MOOVTOO marks a desire to return to the roots of Lebanon and its people. The idea is to show the true Lebanon, the Authentic Lebanon…barely known, far from the well-known Lebanon…that we see everywhere…We want to help you spend amazing days, while discovering amazing places in Lebanon, like a local tourist.

What We Offer


The idea of MOOVTOO took form more than one year ago, in early 2016. We decided to plan a progressive launching. We launched in June 2017 the website, that has part of the magazine, the guide, and Disconnect by MOOVTOO that plans your weekends to escape from the city! But the journey has just begun…

This soft launching of the website in its Beta version will consist in the beginning of a new phase of data collect that enables the set-up of the complete mobile application: Several teams will travel all over Lebanon to find out and experience new and sometimes unknown places, amazing sceneries and landscapes of Lebanon. Because we know that the core value of a country lies sometimes in its unknown, discreet places, thanks to the authenticity they bring to their visitors.

During this data collect phase, the teams will share their experiences through stories published on MOOVTOO blog. This phase will last for about 4 months…to complete the Mobile Application. Meanwhile, MOOVTOO will amaze you with its rich content about Lebanon, and with its multiple launching gatherings, in several regions of Lebanon to introduce itself to you!

MOOVTOO…later on

With time, all components of MOOVTOO will be complete, and the mobile application…ready to be downloaded. In early 2018, all aspects of digital innovation will be available on MOOVTOO: Voice search, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Hub, Internet of Things (IoT), Chatbots, Robots, etc. In addition, the project will start its expansion abroad, in the countries of the Lebanese Diaspora.

The platform is smart, user-friendly and highly personalized. The attention to the tiniest details best reflects the time and efforts invested in MOOVTOO. All is crystal clear, the user can easily reach “his/her” destination on the platform whether in terms of color-coded tourism-related sectors levels (ecotourism, gastronomy, restaurants, entertainment, hotels, various lodgings, transportation etc.), preferences and expectations (location/region, distance, cuisine, view, activities availability etc.) and content (stories, experiences and recommendations).

Added Values on the user level

  • 100% transparent and credible are the stories and experiences as they’re shared by peer users
  • The once user becomes a road traveler/ contributor sharing his/ her experiences and recommendations
  • All the notifications and recommendations the user receives are based on his preferences only. A deep personalization to the point where the user can specify the view he prefers in a restaurant or similar
  • Users take advantage of brands exclusive offers
  • Users can ask for specific content if not available
  • All articles/ stories related to one region/ area are automatically displayed together
  • Search and geo-location engine systems allowing users to locate places
  • The platform is a part of network of interconnected websites (also highly beneficial on the professional level)